Our Story

Melos Folk Ensemble brings together some of Winnipeg's finest singers, dancers, and musicians. Founded in 2006, it was the vision of a few, to start a group, one that was self contained, encompassing all of the elements of music, song, and dance, and one that was willing to embrace all areas of artistic creativity. It was this kind of mindset and philosophy that has allowed Melos to evolve to the Ensemble as we know it today. Unique and refreshing, Melos integrates the artistry of music, song, and dance to perform a wide range of works including traditional and contemporary Ukrainian and other folk music, as part of the Canadian multi-cultural experience.

Whether it's the dynamic choreography and energizing movement of the dancers, the wonderful blend and harmonies of the vocalists, or the unparalleled sound and rhythms of the orchestra, Melos strives to achieve excellence as an Ensemble through hard work, commitment, and sacrifice. Recognizing that there is a certain fire and spirit rooted in Ukrainian folk culture, each member of the Ensemble contributes in bringing this passion to the stage, helping develop a truly unique product of sight and sound, a brand known as Melos Folk Ensemble.

With the belief that music, song, and dance, can touch the very spirit of the body and soul, Melos has had the privilege to perform to a vast array of audiences of varying backgrounds, as well as being able to perform at some truly interesting places. Whether mid-field at a football game, or ice level during a national sporting event, the Ensemble has won the hearts of many of its audiences. To date some of the venues that Melos has performed include; professional sporting events, church/community-club/school functions, University faculty events, professional /corporate functions, nursing/personal care homes, weddings, banquets, and a variety of concerts and multi-cultural events.

Its progressive and embracing philosophy has allowed the Ensemble to touch and be touched by the individuals within the organization, and by the people it encounters at its performances. Though cultures are diverse in many ways, this diversity has a common celebratory thread; each has a richness and life by way of music, song, and dance. Through these kinds of artistic expressions, Melos continues to move forward with a renewed and energized resolve and purpose. The Ensemble feels truly humbled and blessed to continue to have the privilege of promoting Ukrainian culture through creation, development, and celebration...the experience known as Melos Folk Ensemble.